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God's Grace

This Independence Day I witnessed God's grace in my life. I stood there in the woods, somewhat of an empty shell. Feeling like I had been hanging onto a wrecking ball that had tore through my life destroying all my relationships, my wealth, my dignity, and my rigged selfish beliefs; I finally stood there surrendered and aware of what God had done for me.

I deserved to be starving and alone. Yet somehow God had graced me with a friend from AMC who offered me a weekend in nature. Not only did God gift me a human for conversation, he gifted me a premium steak dinner, dessert, and new experiences to fill my day with smiles and laughter.

This gift of grace in my life despite my sin, despite my shortcomings, and many failed plans, shined brightly. I finally understood. I aim to always continue learning and growing for all the days of my life to honor what God has shown me. God asked me to stop smoking and I intend to honor that. I will fight the urges in cell memory until the urges are no longer there.

May you witness God's grace in your life, and honor yourself for his continued kindness despite your willingness to listen.

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