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Love Leadership Program

4Cs of Love Leadership:

Confident, Calm, and Creative Conquerors 

Every individual has unique gifts and talents. Ciao Bella Leadership’s Love Leader Program transforms the sketched outline of your life into a work of art that fully captures the magnificence of your light and your true potential.

Uncover the Diamond Buried Within You

There is a diamond within everyone; some consider this bright beautiful spark to be the soul. Your diamond is your gift, it is your brilliant light, and the potential you hold. Through the Love Leader Program, Heather helps you discover the diamond hidden within you.

Leader Program Online

The Love Leader journey begins a path of self-discovery and self-love. Through a mentor/mentee relationship, Heather teaches you how to take the rough boulders that shade your spirit and transform them into diamonds that hold the light of your future.

Buddha Ciao Bella Leadership

Your Journey

The Love Leader program begins with Level 1. Members move to advanced levels as they journey forward.  Level 1 provides the foundational beginning on the path to self-love and involves examining your most amazing talents and gifts. This level creates a mentor/mentee relationship between you and Heather as she teaches you how to harness your talents into success and gain the clarity necessary to envision your beautiful and best future self.

Level 1 seeks to uncover your diamond. Yet, raw diamonds do not yet shine, although they are indeed valuable treasures. Each level in the program seeks to polish your gifts, give them luster and brilliance, and fully showcase their dazzling clarity and sparkle. 

Level one:
Pause & Reflect

Me-Reflected is the pillar of the Love Leadership Program. This is the level where you identify the ME of mentorship. You take ownership of your true gifts--your diamond--and witness and welcome the beauty of self-love and self-understanding as it shines around you. 

Diamond Reflections Love Leadership
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