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Heather Garner Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, Beautiful.
You are Worthy of Love.

Your journey towards your True North requires you to reset your compass. This is a journey focused on self-love. As a spiritual life coach and talent coach, I teach you to understand what your soul, your spirit wants; It is important to recognize that spirit and religion are two distinct entities. While religion encompasses your chosen practices or processes, tailored to nurture your spirit, it is ultimately your spirit that determines the results you experience. I am dedicated to helping you establish the "religion" or sacred practices that nourish your spirit.  Before you take the first step forward, you must realize that you are worthy of love. Self-love guides your spirit.

Heather Ciao Bella Leadership

Ciao Bella Leadership grew out of my quest to embrace my worth. I needed to reset my compass. I needed to learn self-love.

You are strong because of what you survived, what you overcame, and what you conquered.

I learned this truth, and I can teach you to embrace it, too. I didn’t love myself. In friendships and relationships, my value was seemingly only defined by what others needed from me. My worth was tethered to their needs, and this knotted truth tangled my heart and my soul.  

I let others dull my sparkle. And slowly my light was extinguished until it was too dark to see ahead. How did I transform my life and energize my future vision? I learned to listen to my soul and understand my value. 

Buddha Statue - Ciao Bella Leadership

I grew tired of giving so much love and not receiving it in return. Yet, I discovered that I had to look within and be vulnerable to heal and grow from past traumas. Your past, your mistakes, your pain do not completely define you.  Utilize that pain as your power.

Instead, you must learn radical acceptance. You need to embrace true self love. You are valuable. Walk with me and I can help you journey forward and awaken all the possibilities and potential that lay before you.


What shape will you take? Are you the passionate heart? The grand marquise? The teardrop that morphed from sadness to beauty? Are you the perfectly aligned princess, sparkling brilliantly? Or is your soul the infinite round circle, neverending and always searching? Heather and Ciao Bella Leadership uncover your soul’s shape and potential.

Your Love Leadership transformation begins today!

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